Transit of Venus, Tuesday, June 5th, 6pm

This is a link to an Info Graphic on the Transit of Venus, Tuesday, June 5th, 6pm

Find out about the planet Venus' dramatic trip across the face of the sun in June 2012 in this infographic.
Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

The info graphic above explains why transits happen, why we study them, and how to safely observe the Sun, including a simple pin hole card projector.

The link can be imbedded into newsletters, web sites, etc for others to access.

Also See: and search: Venus transit (That’s how I found the info graphic)

Don’t forget our DAS meeting tonight at 7pm, room 961 Bay College. We will be discussing the transit and—hopefully, John will have our brand new digital video camera for public observing on a video monitor—if it arrives today as scheduled.

Bring you lap tops, and your thinking caps, and if you have time, get the start times for observing the Transit for our area. (about 6:00pm?)

We will need a clear view to the Western horizon.
I was thinking either the South parking lot at the College (We should check out the street light situation tonight) or out by the Community Gardens, by the airport (near my house).