Breaking News: Sun Flips Magnetic Poles

Major Sunspot Group, Nov. 2011 NASA, SOHO

NASA announced 8-5-13 that the Sun is beginning to flip its magnetic poles. The Solar North Pole has already changed polarity and the South is in the process of flipping.

As the Sun’s field flips, the lines that spread throughout the Solar System become broken and chaotic. This is a normal occurrence during “Solar Maximum,” and actually results in the Earth being better protected from Cosmic Rays, which normally ride the Sun’s magnetic field lines through the Solar System. Go to:, for a NASA video explaining the event.

Reminder: Don’t miss the Perseid Meteor Shower, peaking Aug 12-13. As many as 1 a minute late in the night.

All you need is a comfortable chair, bug repellant and the ability to stay awake into the wee hours before dawn.