Bill Suriano’s Astrophotography

Those of you who helped out at our July 4th fundraising booth in Ludington Park might remember meeting  amateur astronomer Bill Suriano, from Chicago.  I got to talking with him about astrophotography, etc and he mentioned that he does narrow band astrophotography from the Chicago suburbs. He seemed quite knowledgeable and was a bit envious of our dark UP Skies. I asked him for his E-mail address and added him to our DAS e-mail lists. The other day, he sent me this link to some of his astrophotography on Flickr. Get ready to be wowed. Bill is no run of the mill amateur, like myself…rather, he’s an accomplished astrophotographer, who is doing some fine work.

He’s also one of our newest long distance members/supporters. (Thanks, Bill). I am sure we are going to want to get to know him better. To see samples of his astro-photos go to: /